Nepal wants to limit age for Everest after 85-year-old dies

KATHMANDU:  Family and supporters honored Sunday the 85-year-old climber who died attempting to regain his title as the oldest person to scale Mount Everest, while Nepali officials stressed the need to limit the age for such a daunting physical challenge. The death of Min Bahadur Sherchan has revived concerns about allowing elderly people to attempt […]

Praying for prosperity, Nepalis carry on ancient tradition

KATHMANDU:  The last time the five-story-high chariot crashed during Nepal’s Rato Machhindranath festival, participants knew something bad was coming. Months later, in February 2005, then-King Gyanendra seized absolute power, and the Himalayan nation was in the grip of political unrest, an escalating communist insurgency and a dwindling economy. This year, as workers from the ethnic […]

Two years on, few cheer, many groan as Nepal quake reconstruction limps on

GIRANCHAUR, NEPAL:  Giranchaur is the picture perfect village. Children play on slides and swings in a small park which sits adjacent to rows of neatly built concrete houses with blue corrugated-iron roofs, complete with solar panels. Elderly residents tend to vegetables in tiny kitchen gardens, watering their plants from the piped clean water supply. Yellow […]

Visually impaired Nepali man determined to climb world’s highest peak to inspire disabled people

KATHMANDU:  On one of the busiest streets in Kathmandu’s Thamel tourism hub is a red, three-storey building with a board outside which reads, “Seeing Hands Nepal.” It is the first and only professional massage clinic operated in Nepal by visually impaired people. Recently, either the lobby or the building has been a regular place to […]