Anil Keshari Shah
Anil Keshari Shah

KATHMANDU, Nepal –  Anil Shah is the banker everyone is currently talking about. The CEO of Mega Bank is quite popular and looked up to by thousands of youth in the country. He’s invited to many college functions as a chief guest and his inspiring words make one want to listen to him over and over again.

Here are five things the youth leader and motivational persona revealed about himself.

He’s passionate about photography

Clicking pictures is Shah’s hobby. “The beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife, interesting faces and a vast range of architectural sites of Nepal make me want to become a photographer,” he says. He likes taking photos with his phone and camera when he’s travelling, especially inside the country. He would love to become a professional photographer someday, he reveals.

He’s a very religious person

In his childhood when his parents were working professionals, he was brought up by his grandmother, a very religious lady. So he was instilled with religious values, too. “For me, religion is a medium of sharing with God my joys and pains, my laughter and tears, my hopes and fears, not asking Him and pleading for intervention, but hoping and praying for blessings,” he says. He prays early in the morning and also before going to bed, and if he has time, goes to temples too. He quips, “I believe one has to work to be successful in personal or professional life, but along the path of hard work, it doesn’t hurt to have God by your side.”

“Introverted extrovert” is what he calls himself

“In public and socially, it may seem like I’m an extrovert, but I’m actually close with only a few people,” Shah says. Even though he interacts confidently and openly with many people on a daily basis, he reveals that in actuality he’s completely comfortable only with a small number of individuals. He observes, “These individuals are very precious to me and the true treasures in my life.”

He changed seven schools before doing his O-Level

The secret behind his friendliness and ability to accept changes in life, he believes, is his unstable childhood. His parents travelled a lot for official purposes, so he was required to keep changing schools in order to be with them. Due to this, he learnt the tricks of making new friends in early childhood.

He can’t imagine his life without a pet

Shah doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t have a pet dog at home. “I believe one can learn a lot from pets. As a child, having a puppy at home, seeing it grow and loving it made me a responsible and compassionate person,” he shares. Even though he had to travel a lot, seeing his dogs at home always made him happy. Currently, he has two dogs; an English bulldog named Jojo and a Basset Hound that he calls Tigger. He treats both of them like family members.


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