Two Canadian missing while attempting Lhotse


A few days after the death of Nima Sherpa on Baruntse and Russian couple missed from Khumbu valley, another Canadian mountaineer has gone missing during a trek in Sichuan.

Marty Schmidt has gone missing while attempting Lhotse since Monday.

The attempt at Lhotse solo Schmidt had seemed unlikely at all, but he expressed confidence, another mountaineer and partner of Waiver remembered, “The storm was terrible and Waiver disappeared thereafter.”

No news, however, on the Spanish Jordi Corominas and Jordi Tosas, who recently had left groped for a variation on the Lhotse South.

Meanwhile, Pokorvnv Dusan another Canadian climber has been disappeared for a week on a top of Sichuan: Mount Tianhaizi, 6070 meters across the border.

The research team has been deployed to rescue the missing Canadian.

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