The auspicious hour for receiving Tika of Durga Bhawani during Dashain festival of this year is 11:29 am, Wednesday.

Like wise, the auspicious time for ´Durga bisarjan´ is 9:35 on the same day, according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.

According to Chairperson of the Committee, Prof. Dr Madhav Bhattarai, the auspicious hour for Dashain Tika is 11:29 in the morning, however it is auspicious to receive the Dashain Tike through out the day.

Beginning today, people receive Tika and Jamara till the full moon day.

On the 10th day of  Bada Dashain, which is also called as Bijaya Dashami, Hindus receive Tika and Jamara from the hands of their elders.

Jamara that was planted along with the installation of goddess Durga at the Dashain Ghar marking the beginning of Bada Dashain festival on October 16, Tuesday, is considered as auspicious on the day of Bijaya Dashami.

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