Muslim organisations in Nepal have submitted a memorandum to Kathmandu-based US embassy drawing attention of the US authorities to take against the producers of “Innocence of Muslims”, a cheaply-made film in the US that has sparked worldwide protest for spreading anti-Islamic message.

A scene from the movie. Photo: Internet

A delegation comprising Islamic Association Nepal chairman Gulam Rasul Miya and other Muslim leaders, handed over the memorandum to Scott R Sanford, political affairs chief at the embassy on Monday.

According to Miya, the embassy officials told them that the US had no intention to hurt Muslim community and the US itself was starting process of bringing the guilty to book.

On Sunday, organising a press conference in Kathmandu, 16 Muslim organisations had jointly urged Nepal government to take initiation to take action against the filmmakers.

Riots have been breaking out in various counties in protest of the film by a real estate developer who claims to be Israeli.

Violent demonstrations in Libya and Egypt have already left four Americans, including the Ambassador to Libya, dead.

A well-respected diplomat Christopher Stevens was killed by an angry mob that blasted rocket-propelled grenades at the US Embassy in the Libyan capital.

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