Sushma to get nude in Bindass


Hot item girl of the Nepali film industry Sushma Karki has accepted a bargain of three lakhs rupees to reveal every details of her body in the upcoming Nepali flick ‘Bindaas’.

Sushma is expected to show off most of her assets, shower tongue kisses, some bed and outdoor sex scenes and speak a obscene language in this movie, which means ‘bold’ in English.

Though initially Sush had bargained for four lakh and 20 thousand, Director Anil Giri was able to seduce her down to 3 lakhs, to which she is happy and claims that its her time to reap the benefits.

“Its my time to reap the benefits…” says Sush who has already shown off some off-area of her core areas in her earlier flick ‘Loot’.

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