Far-west bandh enforcers’ protest rally has turned into a battlefield at Park Mode in Dhangadi after the Tharuhat activists marched towards them, as their demands over federalism hold conflicting interests.

Both sides are pelting stones at each other at Campus Chowk in Dhangadi.

If the Far-west banda demanding undivided Far-west has entered Day 19 on Tuesday throwing the entire region out of gear, the Tharu activists– who have also staged a strike—have demanded a separate Tharuhat state including Kailali, Kanchanpur ( which their ‘foemen’ want inside Far-west) during the process of state reconstructing.

Reports said a clash was ensued between the locals of Far-west and Tharuhat activists on Monday night as well.

It was the same night political stakeholders inched closer on 11 federal units in Kathmandu while reconstructing the country.

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