A sex-scene photo of renowned Nepali singer Anju Panta is presently spreading like wildfire across the internet. The photo in which a female who resembles very much to the said singer, is kissing an unidentified male with both of their eyes closed. 

Though the actual identity of the female remains still to be verified, people who claim to know the Singer at close quarters claim the picture to Anju’s. More over they have claimed that the she was divorced from husband turned lover Manoj due to this same sex scandal.

Prior to this Anju has made headlines for her drunkness and vulgarity in the stupor. Though the Singer herself has denied of being the female in the photo, an analysis of the photo at close quarters shows that she is the one.

The rings of her finger, have been the same in other photos and the fingers too along with hair and hair color and finger ring.

It has been revealed that this photo dates back to 2009 and was update to a double XX Indian site. However why this photo came on the internet and who is behind this incident remains unknown.

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