The Eastern Development Region has topped the other regions in cross-border drug trafficking, an issue which has long been thorn in police flesh.

Police data compiled last year says all the development regions are insecure to drugs and arms trafficking. A total of 1,362 criminals were arrested from Indo-Nepal border—1,267 Nepali nationals and 95 Indian. Nepal shares a vast swath of area  with India—three sides covering a total of over 1,850 km. Twenty-six districts adjoin Indian territory, out of which 595 km is bounded by rivers.

The eastern region has the most number of arrests with 432. The central region has 319, western 394, mid-western region 123 and far-western 47 arrests on drug trafficking. All the arrests involve trafficking of illegal medical drugs, marijuana, hashish and brown sugar and 47 cases related to the possession of arms and ammunition.

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