Police on Wednesday said that Jhapa-based journalist Yadav Prasad Poudel was pushed from the terrace to death.

Organising a press conference, the police also made public three culprits, Yubaraj Giri, Som Dhakal and Manju Dhakal, who were behind the brutal murder of journalist Poudel.

According to the police report, Giri, the former chairman of Hotel Association Union pushed Poudel from the terrace of Purbanchal Sekuwa Corner and Guest House.

Meanwhile, another culprit Manju also stated that Giri had pushed Poudel from the third floor of the hotel. She is the main eyewitness of the incident.

During the incident, Poudel, Giri and Manju were present in the terrace, police informed.

“There appears to have been some dispute between Poudel and Giri,” SP Lamsal said.

It has been reported that Giri had held telephonic conversations with Madan Rai for some 23 minutes prior to the incident. “Rai will also be interrogated,” police said.

The report further said that

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