Just the mention of ‘Everest’ has a thrilling effect and if you visit the Image Ark gallery at Kulimha Tole, Patan, you can see photographs of the world’s highest mountain and experience the feel of its grandness. The exhibition titled ‘Portrait of Everest’ by Jeff Botz began on April 7.

Jeff Botz with Everest picture

Looking at the black and white photographs of the Himalayas, it seems like the artist has portrayed an abstract art fusing his emotions and feelings to create poetry out of photographs. And, all the credit for compelling and dramatic landscape of the mount Everest area captured in frames in the exhibition goes to Botz, an American Himalayan mountain photographer since 1970 who spent a total 150 days there while travelling in the years 1973, 1977, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2008.

In the exhibition, different sized photographs of Himalayas are Botz’s exceptional pieces where he has used traditional photographic equipment and the photographs have been developed manually by the photographer himself on gelatin silver paper.

Clearing the reason behind the black and white photographs Botz says, “These pictures are not my travelogue or documentation; these pictures are created out of emotions and pathos which have a poetic feel giving a message of universal monument and dream-like magical state with heavenly feel. Using black and white camera lets me capture lots of detailed information of that area which colour camera restricts me. Meanwhile, Everest shows dignity, sacredness, and spirituality with impressive environment.”

Botz has captured the pictures marvellously from 18,500 feet height resulting in a comprehensive exploration of the extraordinary landscape of Everest which is a portrait in the broadest possible sense of the word that provides the viewer with the best understanding of Mt Everest in its geographical context.

About choosing Mount Everest and its surroundings, Botz shares, “There is no other landscape like this, not even close to it and I have never seen anything like this which has drama, composition reminding me of the existence of heaven on earth.”

The exhibition will continue for a year.

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