Two women one Nepali citizen and other one from Slovak were reportedly made captive at the mediatition area of Ram Bahadur Bomjan, who was said as the reincarnation of Buddha.

Buddha boy Bomjan (file photo)

Police say they have rescued the women being held by followers of Bomjan. The women were identified as Marichi of Slovakia and Mata from Sindupalchowk of Nepal.

Marichi, had been visiting Bamjan for the past year but was reported to be held captive for the past two months.

Reports quoting police official said that the women was held in a forest of southern Nepal where Ram Bahadur Bamjan has been meditating for seven years. Police reached the site where the women was held and brought her back Sunday.

Several Buddhist scholars are skeptical of claims that Bamjan is the reincarnated Buddha.

“It seems Marichi has gone through physical and mental suffering during the period of confinement. Bruises in her body indicate she was beaten,” said a report by Avenues TV.

Marichi had come to Nepal last year to meet Bamjan and was missing since December 28.

Followers of Bamjan said that they made the women captive as they  disrupt Bamjan’s meditation.

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