In a gruesome incident recorded in Kathmandu valley in the hight of superistition, siblings assaulted a 40-year-old woman, Sunita Pudasaini, at Jorpati on Thursday for allegedly practicing witchcraft, blinding her by stabbing her in the eyes with a sickle.

The siblings—brother Dilip Timilsina and sister Tara Dahal—along with Pudasaini’s brother-in-law Gyanendra Dahal also brutally beat up another sister of theirs, Khom Kumari Dahal, 39. Pudasaini originally hails from Gothatar in Kathmandu.

Victim Pudasaini receiving treatment at a hospital

Dilip also reportedly bit his 78-year-old father Krishna Bahadur’s penis when the latter tried to interfere. It is learnt that the mayhem in the family occurred after the siblings’ maternal uncle, bhawani Shankar Gautam, 65, claimed a couple of days ago that Pudasaini’s’ “black magic spell” was the reason for Tara’s infertility. Gautam is said to be a “witch doctor.”

Tara, who could not bear any child even after a uterus surgery, had been consulting the “witch-doctor” for the past one-and-a-half years, locals said.

The Tara-Gyanendra couple arrived in the house on Wednesday night, while Pudasaini and Khom Kumari were invited over for a get-together on Thursday afternoon.

Pudasaini, who could barely speak from the Tilganga Eye Hospital bed with blood oozing out of her eyes, said they were bound and gagged on the kitchen floor and the three started tearing off their clothes. “After stripping us naked, the three of them climbed on top of us. They started to bite us everywhere,” she said. “Hurling abuses, they hit us with batons until we were swollen from top to bottom. Then my sister’s husband fetched a sickle and started attacking my eyes.”

Khom Kumari, meanwhile, was lucky to have her eyes spared. Nevertheless, she too, was beaten up black and blue. According to witnesses, both her ear lobes came off as the perpetrators snatched away her earrings.

“When I came to enquire about the havoc, my son Dilip jumped at me and started biting on my penis,” said father Krishna Bahadur. After they were done with the violence, the three were seen leaving the house at around 3 pm. However, no one in the locality could guess what was going on inside the house, said Arjun Bishwokarma, a local.

A case has been filed in the Jorpati Police Circle. Police have arrested Gyanendra, Tara and Dilip, the three main accused in the incident. According to DSP Shyam Gyawali, police also arrested the maternal uncle Gautam from Kavre. (With strong inputs from Kantipur daily)

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