Stakeholders stressed to preserve heritage site


In a bid to appeal to the public to preserve the heritage sites of Dailekh district Heritage Nepal and Dailekh Journalists’ Society organised a programme in Kathmandu.

Organisers said that the programme was organised to tell people about what has been written in the pillar in Dullu in Dailekh district which is regarded as a monument with the first Nepali Language, and to appeal to them to preserve it.

Bishwo KC, president, Organising Committee, said that script experts, culture experts, historians and UNESCO were going to interact with the local people on April 1 about the Nepali language written on the pillar to make people aware about its importance.

He said Dailekh was an archaeologically and historically important district after Kathmandu and Lumbini but the monuments at the heritage sites were disappearing due to lack of preservation.

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