YCL padlocks Maoist party office, obstructs roads to cantonments for same facilities as of PLA


Demanding same assistance package provided to the voluntarily retiring combatants and those being integrated with the Nepal Army, Young Communist League (YCL), the Maoist youth wing, have padlocked the Maoist party offices and the obstructed the road that lead to cantonments in the far-western region.

YCL cadres.Photo from mikeldunham.com

Disqualified combatants also share their effort to the YCL to pressurise the mother party UCPN (Maoist) and the government.

YCL cadres and the disqualified combatants closed down the district party offices in nine districts in the region.

Organising a press meet in Dhangadi on Monday, secretary of YCL’s Tharuwan State Committee Lalit Thapa said they had locked all the party offices in the region and have seized the documents and the assets of these offices.

According to him, they have also decided to bar senior party leaders from visiting the far-western region.

On Sunday, the disqualified combatants had resorted to vandalism at the Dashrathpur cantonment of the PLA when the technical teams deployed by the Army Integration Special Committee’s secretariat were distributing pay cheques to the voluntarily retiring combatants.

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