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141 couples in the Bhutanese refugee camp divorced

More than 141 couples in the Bhutanese refugee camp in Jhapa divorced in 2011 alone. Most of them had a Nepali spouse. The figure is rising as UNHCR is reluctant to forward documents of applicants in the mixed marriage category for third country resettlement.

“When the process of resettlement began, we were very hopeful, thinking that our hard days were about to end,” said Balaram Neupane, an administrative officer at Khudunabari Campus. “However, for people like us who married Nepali women, the marriage itself is turned out to be a major problem,” he added.

According to Neupane, refugees with Nepali spouse are in acute mental pressure. The fear that they would be languishing in the camp for unknown period while all their family members have already left for a third country has even turned a few of them mentally ill. “And, many of them are currently under the supervision of doctors,” he said.

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