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‘Nine out of 10 teenage girls commit suicide’

A recent study report revealed that nine out of 10 suicide cases in the period of last 18 months were committed by girls. All these children are said to have hanged themselves.

This is also the largest number of the suicide cases reportd in the six Circles under the Metropolitan Police Range in the Kathmandu Valley.

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The number of suicides by adolescent girls in Kathmandu in the period has reinforced the perception that women still remain psychologically and emotionally suppressed in our society.

Dhiraj Pratap Singh, spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka was quoted by the Kathmandu Post daily as saying that girls committed 90 percent of total child suicide cases in Kathmandu. This fact, he said, hints that society’s perception toward girls remains the same in many ways.

“Besides, our investigation shows quarrels among parents, harsh treatment, lack of care and love, unrequited romantic ideals, and other traumatic psychological conditions are to blame for the situation,” said Singh.

Among boys, the problem is not severe. In the two-year period, only one case of juvenile male suicide was reported to the police. The self-killer was David Dulal, 7, of KMC 35.

“Depression and frustration force a child to do so,” said Dr Dhurba Man Shrestha, a psychiatrist and professor at Nepal Medical College. “Family’s harsh treatment to a girl child, tough academic competition and poverty leave no choice for a minor. We have to raise awareness and encourage love.”

According to experts, the patriarchal social structure and poverty left girls suppressed in several ways. Women are more prone to suicide than men given cultural and social factors. Nevertheless, worldwide data shows more men have killed themselves than women.

It is said that nearly 11 people commit suicide in Nepal everyday.

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