Protesters in South Korea’s capital have placed a statue of a girl representing victims of Japanese World War II-era sexual slavery in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, said a report.

A former South Korean comfort woman Kil Un-ock, right, who was forced to serve for the Japanese Army as a sexual slave during World War II, shouts slogans with other comfort women next to the statue symbolizing a wartime sex slave during their 1,000th rally. Photo: AP

Hundreds of South Koreans surrounded the life-size statue of a girl sitting on a chair in traditional Korean clothes as she stares at the embassy, reported the Associated Press.

The statue was unveiled Wednesday to mark the 1,000th weekly rally by women forced to work in brothels for Japanese soldiers.

Japanese officials have apologized. But victims say they also want reparations for victims and prosecution of wrongdoers.

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry says it has relayed a complaint by Japan over the statue to the protesters.

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