Although the data have demonstrated that the number of birds of different species has increased, but the total population of birds has gone down sharply at the nation’s famous bird sanctuary, Koshi Tappu, said experts.

The decrease in bird population has aggrieved the stakeholders, ornithologists and locals as the Koshi Tappu is the prime attraction for the bird watchers.

The number of birds is not only declining in Nepal, but Koshi Tappu which is known as the best habitat for a huge number of bird species is even witnessing sharp decline in the bird population.

However the survey conducted earlier at Koshi Tappu only indicated the rise in the number of birds spieces, therefore the stakeholders have expressed their worried that the concerned authorities are unaware and haven’t initiated any study over this fact.

The number of birds and their different species are the major attraction at the Koshi Wild Life Reservation and National Park, which is considered an ultimate destination for bird lovers.

Koshi Tappu is a major tourism spot of eastern Nepal and is regarded as the capital of birds of Nepal. It is however losing its attraction after the birds population went on decreasing.

The numbers of all species of birds are found to be declining alarmingly for the last 10 years, so the tourists are less likely to visit the destination solely for watching birds, said a local Rabin Ghimire.

Citing that the data provided earlier on the birds of the bird sanctuary only indicated the rise in the number of bird’s spices. The stakeholders of the district have demanded that the bird specialists should find out the exact data on declining number of each species of birds and the birds which have totally disappeared from the area.

The latest data showed that out of total 867 species of birds recorded in Nepal, 493 are found at Koshi Tappu.

Ashok Ram, Conservation Officer of the National Park, accepted that since the establishment of the park, no survey was done on the species which are on the verge of disappearance or those species that have totally disappeared from the area.

Ram said no one has shown interest to carry out such survey because conducting research on such subjects was expensive. In the past, more than 20,000 birds were recorded in the but now hardly 500 birds could be seen, he added.

Ornithologist Badri Chaudhary informed that the number of older species of birds is also disappearing from the Koshi Tappu. However, no study has yet been conducted on the issue.

Though the birds played prominent role for maintaining the eco-system but the government remained indifferent to safeguarding many endangered species of birds in the nation and also at the famous bird sanctuary of the nation, he added.

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