Symposium on gender, climate change kicks off


A workshop on gender and climate change organised by IUCN-Nepal with support from International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Icimod) and Women Organising for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (Wocan), kicked off in the Capital on Thursday.

The main objective of the workshop is to discuss the role of gender in the possible arenas and strategies that will be formulated with regards to climate change in Nepal, a statement issued by IUCN-Nepal said on Wednesday.

Further, the workshop will look into ways to ensure that gender remains both a focus and a cross-cutting issue in policy, planning and programmes of the Government of Nepal and its external development partners, it added.

“Mitigation and adaptation policies with regards to climate change should include gender to create a real and visible impact at the local and national levels,” Rajendra Khanal, in-charge, IUCN Nepal, said.

He added that the vulnerability of poor women to climate change needs to be highlighted, but it should also be acknowledged that women play an important role in supporting households and communities to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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