The tongue-piercing festival, one of the main festivals observed in Madhyapur Thimi of Bhaktapur is scheduled to take place on April 15 (Baisakh 2) this year. The festival coincides with the Nepali New Year every year.

Jujubhai Bans Shrestha who pierced his tongue for the third time‚ participating in the traditional Bisket Jatra at Bonde in Madhyapur Thimi‚ Bhaktapur on Tuesday‚ April 5‚ 2011. Photo: Courtesy to THT

Apart from the regular peculiar festival Bisket Jatra, the festival has its importance and popularity with the tradition of tongue piercing.

Juju Bhai Bans Shrestha, member of Bode Sport Club, who has been piercing his tongue since past couple of years, is piercing his tongue for the third consecutive years.

Despite the popularity, however, the festival is on the verge of extinction.

The Jatra is loosing its specialties due to financial crisis and lack of piercers taking part in the festival.

Around Rs. 40,000 is required to accomplish the cultural function observed in every New Year. It is in stake when its stakeholders are not showing positive gesture to extend financial assistance for this.

Juju Bhai said he came forward to pierce his tongue for the third consecutive years to preserve own art, culture and tradition.

The festival is getting into crisis since tongue piercer has to tolerate big physical pan and also bear financial burden.

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