Cemetery on mount Everest (viewer discretion advised) photos, videos
You probably noticed on such information that Everest is, in every sense of the word, the mountain of death.Storming the height, the climber knows that he has a chance not to return. Death can cause a lack of oxygen, heart failure, frostbite or injury. The cause of death and fatal accidents, like frozen oxygen tank. Moreover, the way to the top is so complex that, as one of the participants in the Himalayan expedition Alexander Abramov, “on the altitude higher than 8000 meters, you cannot afford the luxury of morality. Above 8000 meters, you are completely self-absorbed and in such extreme conditions you have no extra strength to help someone.” At the end of the post will be a video on this topic

The tragedy on Everest in may 2006, shocked the world by slowly freezing the Englishman David sharp 42 were indifferent climber, but no one helped him. One of them was the TV channel “Discovery”, who tried to interview the dying, and photographing it, the left one… And now readers WITH STRONG NERVES, you can see the cemetery on top of the world.

On Everest the climbers pass by unburied bodies scattered around there are climbers, only they were not lucky. One of them fell and broke bones, someone cold or just weakened and still froze. What morality can at an altitude of 8000 meters above sea level? There is already every man for himself, just to survive. If I want to prove to yourself that you are mortal, you should try to visit the Everest.Most likely, all these people who were left lying there, thought it’s not about them. And now they are as a reminder that not everything is in the hands of man.Statistics defectors there is no the climb basically savages, and in small groups of three to five people. And the price of this ascent is from 25T to 60t $. Sometimes pay extra life if saved on the details. So, eternal guard there were about 150 people, maybe 200. And many who had been there say they feel look black climber, rests in the back, because right on the Northern route is eight openly lying body. Among them two Russians. From the South is about ten. But deviate from the paved trail climbers are already afraid, can not get out, and no one to save them will not climb.Creepy tales walk among climbers who have been to the top, because it does not forgive mistakes and human indifference. In 1996, a group of climbers from a Japanese University in Fukuoka have climbed mount Everest. Very close to their route were three in distress climbers from India — exhausted, icy people asked for help, they have experienced high-altitude storm. The Japanese passed. When the Japanese group descended, the rescue was certain the Indians were cold.It is alleged corpse of the first climber to conquer Everest, who died on the descent.

It is believed that Mallory first reached the summit and died already on the way down. In 1924, Mallory and his partner Irving began to climb. They were last seen in binoculars in the clouds break only 150 meters from the summit. Then the clouds came together and climbers disappeared.

They did not return back, only in 1999, at the altitude of 8290 m, the next conquerors of the top across the many bodies of the dead for the last 5-10 years. Among them I found Mallory. He was lying on his stomach, as if trying to hug the mountain, head and hands voragen in the slope.

Partner Irving was never found, although binding on the body of Mallory said that the couple was with each other until the very end. The rope was cut with a knife and possibly Irving could move and leaving a friend, died somewhere below the hill.Wind and snow do their work, those places on the body that are not covered by clothing, snow wind gnawed to the bone and the older the corpse, the less it is of the flesh.

Evacuate the dead climbers nobody is going, the helicopter can not rise to such a height, and drag myself to the carcass from 50 to 100 pounds is not altruists. And lie napojova climbers on the slopes.Well, not quite so all climbers are so selfish, still save and not leave in the lurch their own. Many who died are guilty.

For established personal record of oxygen-free climbing, American Francis Arsentiev already on the descent lay exhausted for two days on the southern slope of Everest. By zamerzla, but still alive woman passed climbers from different countries. One offered her oxygen (from which she at first refused, not wanting to spoil his record), others poured a few SIPS of hot tea, there was even a couple who tried to get people to sneak her into the camp, but they soon left, as he risked his own life.

American husband, climber Sergei Arsent’ev, with whom they had lost on the descent, did not wait for her in the camp, and went in search of her, which also died.

In the spring of 2006, eleven people died on Everest – is not news, it would seem that if one of them, Briton David sharp, was left in a state of agony passing a group of about 40 climbers. Sharpe was not a rich man and had made the ascent without guides and Sherpas. The drama lies in the fact that if he had enough money, his salvation would be possible. Today, he would still be alive.

Each spring on the slopes of mount Everest, as the Nepalese and Tibetan side many grow tents, which develops the same dream — to climb to the roof of the world. Perhaps because of the motley variety of tents like giant tents, or due to the fact that with some time on this mountain there are abnormal phenomena, the place of action dubbed “the Circus on Everest”.

A society with a wise serenity looked at this house of clowns as a place of entertainment, a bit of magic, a bit absurd, but harmless. Everest has become an arena for circus performances, there are ridiculous and funny things: kids come on the hunt for a precocious records, the old men to climb unaided, appear eccentric millionaires who haven’t seen cats, even in pictures, on the top landing helicopters… the List is endless and has nothing to do with climbing, but a lot to do with money, if not move mountains, make them below. However, in the spring of 2006 “circus” turned into a theater of horror, erasing forever the image of innocence which is usually associated with the pilgrimage to the roof of the world.
In the spring of 2006 on Everest about forty climbers left Englishman David sharp to die alone in the middle of the Northern slope; standing before a choice, to help or to continue the climb to the top, they chose the latter, so as to achieve the world’s highest peak for them is meant to perform the feat.

The same day, when David sharp died surrounded by this good company and in full contempt of the media around the world sang the praises of the Brand NGLs, new Zealand guide, which for lack of a leg, amputated after occupational injuries, climbed to the top of Everest with prosthetic hydrocarbon from synthetic fibers attached to them cats.

The news presented by the media as superposition as proof that dreams can change reality, hidden in tons of trash and dirt, so that he Inglis went on to say: no one helped Briton David sharp in his suffering. American web page mounteverest.net picked up the news and started to pull the thread. At the end of it — the history of human degradation, which is difficult to understand the horror that hid would be if not for the media, which undertook to investigate the incident.

David sharp, going to the mountain alone, participating in climbing, organized by “Asia Trekking”, died when his oxygen tank refused at the height of 8500 meters. It happened on may 16. Sharpe is no stranger to the mountains. At 34 years old he has already ascended on MT Cho Oyu, passing the most difficult areas without the use of a railing that is maybe not heroic, but at least it shows character. Suddenly left without oxygen, Sharpe now has a bad feeling, and immediately fell on the rocks at a height of 8500 metres in the heart of North ridge. Some of those who beat him to it, I assure you that thought he was resting. Several Sherpas asked about his condition, asked who he is and who traveled. He said, “my name is David sharp, I’m here with “Asia Trekking” and just want to sleep”.The North ridge of Everest.

New Zealander mark Inglis with two amputated legs, crossed its hydrocarbon dentures through the body of David Sharpe, to reach the top; he was one of the few who recognized that Sharpe really left to die. “At least, our expedition was the only one that did something for him: our Sherpas gave him oxygen. The day past it held about 40 people, and no one did,” he said.The ascent of Everest.

The first one alerted the death of Sharpe, was Brazilian Vitor the Negret, who also said that in the high-altitude camp he had been robbed. No more details Vitor was not able to tell, because two days later died. The Negret set foot on the summit from the North ridge without the help of artificial oxygen, but during the descent I began to feel bad and requested on the radio for help from my Sherpa, who helped him get to camp 3. He died in his tent, perhaps due to swelling caused by being at altitude.

In contrast to common belief, most people die on Everest during good weather, and not when the mountain is covered with clouds. Cloudless sky inspires everyone, regardless of their technical equipment and physical opportunities, here it and lie in wait for the swelling and the model collapses caused by the altitude. This spring, the roof of the world knew a period of good weather, which lasted for two weeks without wind and clouds, enough to beat the record of climbing at this time of year: 500.The camp after the storm.

Under worst-case conditions, many would not climb and would not have died…

David Sharpe was still alive, after spending a terrible night at the height of 8500 meters. During this time he was phantasmagoric “yellow boots”, the corpse of Indian climber, dressed in an old yellow plastic boots “Koflach” there years, lying on a ridge in the middle of the road and is still in embryo condition.The grotto, where he died David Sharpe. For ethical reasons the body is painted white.

But if you still have the strength and nerves, Varanasi — the city of the dead (viewer discretion advised)

David Sharpe was not supposed to die. It would be sufficient to ensure that commercial and non-commercial expedition, which went to the top, we agreed to save the Englishman. If not, it’s only because I had no money, no equipment in the base camp, there was nobody who could offer the Sherpas involved in the work, a good amount of dollars in exchange for life. And since there was no economic incentive to come to erroneous truism of the expression: “at altitude you need to be independent”. If this principle were true, to the top of Everest set foot would be the elders, the blind, people with different amputations, completely illiterate, the sick and other fauna that are found at the foot of the “icons” of the Himalayas, knowing that that will not be able to make their competence and experience, will allow their fat checkbook.

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Three days later, after the death of David sharp is the head of the “Peace Project” Jamie, McGuinness and ten of his Sherpa saved one of his clients, went into a tailspin, a little later, after climbing to the top. It spent 36 hours, but on the improvised stretcher he was evacuated from the top, halfway to base camp. You are able to save a dying man? Of course, he was paid and it saved his life. David Sharpe paid just to be at the base camp cook tent.Rescue on Everest.

A few days later, two members of one expedition from Castile-La Mancha was enough to evacuate one half-dead canadian named Vince from the North Col (7000 meters) under the indifferent attitude of many of those who passed.Transportation.

A little later there was one episode, which will finally resolve the debate about whether or not to help the dying on Everest. Guide Harry Kikstra received the assignment to lead a group in which his clients appeared Thomas Weber, had vision problems as a result of withdrawal last brain tumor. On the day of the climb to the top Kikstra, Weber, five sherps and the second client, Lincoln Hall, came together from the third camp the night under good climatic conditions.
Profusely gulping oxygen, a little more than two hours later, they stumbled upon the corpse of David Sharpe, disgust passed him and continued on her way to the top. Despite the vision problems, height would have to sharpen, Weber was raised independently using the railing. Everything happened as intended. Lincoln Hall with his two Sherpas moved forward, but at that time Weber had seriously deteriorated vision. 50 metres from the top Kikstra decided to finish the climb and went with his Sherpas and Weber ago. Little by little the group began to descend from the third step, then the second… until suddenly Weber, seemed tired and lost coordination, threw a panic glance at Kikstra and not intimidated him: “I die.” And died, falling on his hands in the middle of the ridge. No one could revive him.

In addition, Lincoln Hall, returning from the summit, I began to feel bad. Alerted by radio Kikstra, still in shock from the death of Weber, sent one of his Sherpas towards the Hall, but the latter fell to 8700 meters and, despite the assistance of Sherpas, for nine hours trying to revive him, unable to move. At seven o’clock they reported that he was dead. The leaders of the expedition advised the Sherpas, anxious begins in darkness, leaving Lincoln Hall and save their lives, which they did.The Slopes Of Mount Everest.

That same morning, after seven hours, the tour guide Dan Mazur, who was sent with the customers on the way to the top, across the Hall, which, surprisingly, turned out to be alive. After he was given tea, oxygen and medicines, Hall should be able to talk on the radio with his band at the base. Immediately all of the expedition who were on the North side, agreed among themselves and sent a detachment of ten Sherpas to help him. Together, they took it off the comb and brought back to life.


He had frostbitten hands and minimal loss in this situation. Also had to do with David Sharpe, but unlike Hall (one of the most famous Himalayas from Australia, a member of the expedition that opened one way on the North side of Everest in 1984), the Englishman did not have the famous name and the support group.
The case of Sharpe is not news, no matter how scandalous it may seem. Dutch expedition left to die on the South Col one Indian climber, leaving him just five meters from my tent, leaving when he whispered something and waved.

Famous tragedy has shaken many of took place in may 1998. Then killed a couple — Sergei Arsentiev and Francis Distefano.

Sergei Arsentiev and Francis Distefano-Arsentiev, having at 8,200 m three nights (!), started the climb and summited 22/05/1998 at 18:15.The summits without supplemental oxygen. So, Francis became the first American woman and only the second in history by a woman who climbed without oxygen.

During the descent, the spouses lost each other. He went down to the camp. She can’t.

The next day, five Uzbek climbers went to the top passing of Francis she was still alive. The Uzbeks could help, but to abandon the climb. Although one friend has already mounted, and in this case, the expedition is considered a success.

On the descent I met Sergei. Said that he had seen Francis. He took oxygen bottles and left. But it was gone. Probably a strong wind blew in a two-gap.

The next day go the other three Uzbeks, three Sherpas and two from South Africa — 8 people! Walk up to her — she is the second cold night spent, but still alive! Again, all pass by on top.

“My heart stopped when I realized that this man in red-and-black costume was alive, but absolutely one at an altitude of 8.5 km, just 350 metres from the top – says the British climber. – Katie, without thinking, turned off the route and tried to do everything possible to save the dying. Thus ended our expedition, which we prepared for years, begging for money from the sponsors… We are not immediately able to get to her, though she lay close. To move at this altitude is the same as running it under water…

We found it, tried to dress a woman, but her atrophied muscles, she was like a rag doll all the while muttering, “I’m American. Please don’t leave me“…

We wore it for two hours. My concentration was lost due to bone-chilling rattling sound rosamassage ominous silence, – continues the story of Woodhall. – I understand that Cathy but she will freeze to death. I had to get out of there as soon as possible. I tried to raise Frances and to bring her, but it was useless. My futile attempts to save her compromised by Katie. There was nothing we could do.”

Not a day went by that I wasn’t thinking about Francis. A year later, in 1999, Katie decided to try again to get to the top. We managed it, but on the way back we are horrified noticed the body of Frances, she was lying as we had left her, perfectly preserved under the influence of low temperatures.

This the end nobody netalogue. Katie and I promised each other to return to Everest again, to bury Francis. To prepare a new expedition had gone 8 years. I wrapped Francis in the American flag and put a note from my son. We pushed her body into the cliff out of sight of other climbers. Now she rests in peace. Finally, I was able to do something for her.” Ian Woodhall.
A year later, the body of Sergei Arsenyev was found: “I apologize for the delay with the photographs of Sergei. We could clearly see — I remember a purple down suit. He was in the position as if the bow lying just behind Johanessen (Jochen Hemmleb — historian of the expedition, — S. K.) “implicitly pronounced rib” in the area around Mallory 27150 feet (8254 m). I think this is it.” Jake Norton, expedition, 1999.

But in the same year there was a case when people were the people. In the Ukrainian expedition team has spent almost the same place where the American, cold night. Your lowered it to the base camp and further to help more than 40 people from other expeditions. Lightly four the finger was removed.

“In such extreme cases everyone has the right to decide whether to save or not to save partner… Above 8000 meters, you are completely self-absorbed and quite naturally, do not help another, since you have no excess forces”. Miko Imai.

Everest Sherpas act as great supporting actors in the film to glorify the actors without fee, silently performing their role.

Sherpas at work.

But the Sherpas, who provide their services for money are in this business the main. Without them there is no fixed ropes, nor many of the climbing, nor, of course, salvation. And so they assisted, you need to pay them money: Sherpas taught to sell for money, and they use the rate under all occurring circumstances. As well as a poor climber who is unable to pay, the Sherpa he can be in a difficult situation, so for the same reason he is cannon fodder.The situation is very difficult, because they assume first and foremost, the risk to organize a “performance” to even the least skilled were able to grab a piece of what is paid for.Oborozukiyo Sherpas.

“Dead bodies along the route – a good example and reminder that we need to be more careful on the mountain. But every year more and more people, and according to statistics the bodies will every year increase. What in normal life is unacceptable, at higher altitudes is regarded as the norm.” Alexander Abramov, the Master of Sports of the USSR on mountaineering.“We can’t continue to climb, weaving between the bodies, and pretend that it is in order”. Alexander Abramov.“Why do you go on Everest?” asked George Mallory.

“Because he is!”First Mallory reached the summit and died already on the way down. In 1924 a bunch of Mallory-Irving started the assault. They were last seen in binoculars in the clouds break only 150 meters from the summit. Then the clouds came together and climbers disappeared.
The mystery of their disappearance, the first Europeans who remained in Sagarmatha, excited many. But to find out what happened to the climber, it took many years.

In 1975, one of the explorers claimed that they had seen a body in the side of the main path, but didn’t go in order not to lose power. It took another twenty years to 1999, when the traverse slope of 6 high camp (8290 m) to the West, the expedition came upon many bodies of the dead for the last 5-10 years. Among them I found Mallory. He was lying on his stomach, rasprosterlas like hugging a mountain, head and hands were voragen in the slope.“Turned, eyes closed. So died suddenly: when broken, many of them remain open. Down did not — and was buried there.”Irving was never found, although binding on the body of Mallory said that the couple was with each other until the very end. The rope was cut with a knife and possibly Irving could move and leaving a friend, died somewhere below the hill.Terrifying footage of the discovery channel series “Everest — beyond grant possible.” When the group finds freezing man, takes it to the camera, Yes only interested in the name, leaving it to die alone in the ice cave:

Immediately the question arises, what about this:

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