KATHMANDU:  The contractor of under-construction  Dhalkebar substation in Dhanusa, Central China Power Grid (CCPG), has pledged to complete the project by the end of October.

A high-level team comprising Minister for Energy Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, Secretary Anup Kumar Upadhyaya, and Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Kulman Ghising Saturday conducted an on-site monitoring of the site and made a four-point decision for completion of the project.

With completion of the substation, the country can import additional 100 MW of electricity from India at a low cost to end loadshedding in the winter. “Construction of substation has to be completed within the deadline,” Minister Shahi said, “If NEA fails to solve any sort of problem arising in course of construction, we’re ready to solve them. Please inform about it immediately.”

General Project Manager of CCPG Geng Jialing informed the NEA about partial halting of the substation construction after the latter cancelled the contract of construction of Bharatpur-Bardghat Transmission Line.

Last winter, Nepal had imported 140 MW of electricity through Dhalkebar- Muzaffarpur Cross-border Transmission Line. At least 300 MW was imported from the southern neighbor.

MD Ghising instructed all the concerned stakeholders to initiate work immediately. “Start the work immediately. The payments will be made with recommendation from advisors,” he said, “The work cannot be stopped making any excuses.”

All the required equipment for construction of the substation has arrived. 90 percent of civil construction has been completed. Likewise, 90 percent of electrical equipment has been installed. Finishing, installation of control panel and its operation, and busbar connection in the building that will have control room, among others, remain to be done.

Geng confirmed that the company will not require more time for completing the project. “We’ve understood the significance of Dhalkebar substation. We’re prepared to complete construction as soon as possible,” he said.

Dhalkebar substation is being constructed to improve the transmission network of the country and also for power trade between India and Nepal. Currently, electricity is being imported by installing two transformers at Muzaffarpur as the construction of Dhalkebar substation has not been completed.

The contractor company and the authority had inked a deal on June 12, 2014 with an agreement to complete the construction within 15 months (December 28, 2015). However, the deadline has been extended four times.


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