Relatives react as they struggle to get across a flooded road caused by heavy rainfall and poor sewage system at Gongabu in Kathmandu. Photo: Skanda Gautam

KATHMANDU:  Though people might argue that Kathmandu is an ideal place to live in Nepal, majority would instantly say no because of prevailing exhaustive pollution.

Recently, Kathmandu was ranked 5th most polluted city in the World.

The UN Habitat-for a better urban future has set the criteria such as a safe and healthy living environment for all-children, youth, women, elderly, disabled and healthy air quality, better waste management and sanitation.

Internal tourists or foreign tourists might observe that the Kathmandutites might be living in fear-air pollution, water logged streets, nerve wrecking foul smell – but the denizens have no options rather than to adapt to it.

No one knows when these problems will be solved in the Valley, it seems its here to stay.

Poorly built road infrastructure and water sewage system, traffic jam and foul smell along the streams in Kathmandu have made it worst place to live in Nepal.

Snail paced road expansion projects and installation of underground Melamchi Drinking Water pipes have added twilight to prevailing pollution misery.

Civil Hospital’s physician Dr. Achyut Bikram Hamal said that there is surge in the number of respiratory related diseases in the valley due to air pollution.

“Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease, Silicosis, Skin allergy and long term exposure to dust expose to lung cancer in the long-run,” Hamal added.

He also urged the people to use boiled water during monsoon to safeguard from waterborne diseases.

People percive that Kathmandu is the reflection of the country’s civilisation, culture, tradition and daily routine life of people, however, people residing in Kathmandu cannot reflect all of the above mentioned attributes.

Denizens of Kathmandu seem unbothered by the laws as they are self governed. Stern laws should be in the offing to manage errant population.

However, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City too is unscathed by the problems faced by the people residing in Kathmandu.

KMC needs to address the problems of air quality, drainage, sanitation and traffic management until it slips out of hand.

Much and many more to be done by the authorities and the denizens in order to preserve traditional, cultural heritage and transform Kathmandu into a lively and vibrant city in the South Asia.

THT photojournlist Skanda Gautam has been trying to unveil the reality of Kathmandu during dry and monsoon seasons in the Valley.

He has captured some of the images around the New Bus Park area in Gangabu, which resembled a semi swimming pool during today’s heavy rainfall in the area.

Pedestrians cover their face as they walk along the dusty road in Kathmandu, Nepal February 27, 2017. Photo: Reuters

–  By Mausam Shah Nepali for THT

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