Guides, guess papers find way inside Saptari SEE exam centres


SAPTARI:  Bulks of guess papers and guides were recovered from students appearing for the Secondary Education Examination that commenced on Thursday in Saptari district.

The frailing way of conducting secondary level exams in the district was seeing significant improvement, however, the number of guess papers and guides found showed mismanagement during examinations.

A team of officials under Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Katuwal inspected four examination centres in the district when the students started giving up guess papers and chits they had concealed.However, District Education Officer Dol Raj Pandey said that the exams were being held in dignified manner. He urged the media persons present not to take photographs of the guess papers confiscated from the examinees.Meanwhile, a source informed that irregularities took place while appointing invigilators at various exam centres.


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