LAMJUNG:  Manang district has been receiving incessant snowfall for the past few days. Locals say the snowfall has not increased the cold substantially as the mercury has been rising.

The snow-covered hills have added to the beauty of this touristic region.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) officer Kailash Tiwari said the people’s mobility has not been affected due to the snow in lower region.

Assistant Chief District Officer Dhirendraraj Panta, however, said that the snowfall has been hazardous in upper Manang. Roadways are obstructed due to thick layer of snow thereby affecting tourists and vehicles.

ACAP-Manang Chief Babulal Tiruwa said warnings have been issued to tourist to adopt caution during their travel. ACAP has been updating tourist with daily weather reports, it is learnt.

Photos: Kailash Tiwari

–  By Aash Gurung for TKP

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